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Comment annuler un commit avec git reset. Pour cette stratégie d'annulation, nous allons poursuivre avec notre exemple de travail. git reset est une commande poussée à usages et fonctions multiples. Si nous appelons git reset --hard a1e8fb5, l'historique des commits est réinitialisé sur ce commit spécifique. Lorsque vous exécutez la commande git log pour examiner l'historique des. You can use git reset to rewind history without changing the contents of your local files, and then successively use git add -p to interactively select which hunks to include into each commit, using git commit -c to pre-populate the commit message Quand vous lancez git commit, Git crée un nouvel objet commit et déplace la branche pointée par HEAD dessus. Quand vous faites un reset sur HEAD~ (le parent de HEAD), vous replacez la branche où elle était, sans changer ni l'index ni la copie de travail. Vous pourriez maintenant mettre à jour l'index et relancer git commit pour accomplir ce que git commit --amend aurait fait (voir.

IV. Git reset et les branches 1. Finalement, mes X derniers commits auraient du être sur une branche. Si vous utilisez Git correctement, vous faites du cheap branchingOkay, en gros vous avez la branche facile parce qu'avec Git, c'est simple, performant et surtout ça permet de bien découper votre flux de travail en séparant chaque aspect et en limitant les conflits How can I undo the last commit? First, before we bring the big guns in, let's make sure you really need them. Because in case you just want to edit your last commit, you can simply use Git's amend feature. It allows you to correct the last commit's message as well as add more changes to it. If that's what you want to do, read more about amend. Undoing the Last Commit. However, of course, there.

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Git comprend plusieurs mécanismes de stockage de l'historique et d'enregistrement des changements, parmi lesquels : commit --amend, git rebase et git reflog. Ces options permettent de personnaliser le workflow. À l'issue de ce tutoriel, vous maîtriserez des commandes qui vous permettront de restructurer vos commits Git et vous serez en mesure d'éviter les pièges courants lors de la. $ git commit -m Combining commits using git reset $ git log --oneline --graph * 391172d (HEAD -> feature) Combining commits using git reset * 87c800f Original commit. Great! Your commits are now combined in a single commit. Conclusion. In this tutorial, you learnt how you can easily reset your files to HEAD on Git using the git reset.

Le git reset --Soft permet juste de se placer sur un commit spécifique afin de voir le code à un instant donné ou créer une branche partant d'un ancien commit. Il ne supprime aucun fichier, aucun commit, et ne crée pas de HEAD détaché. Le HEAD, si vous n'êtes pas sûr d'avoir bien compris , est un pointeur, une référence sur notre position actuelle dans notre répertoire de travail. Now that we know the commit is only on our machine, let's say we realized that Views 3.10 conflicts with some custom code we've written, and want to revert back to the old version until we can update our custom code. To do that we'll use the git reset command and pass the hash of the commit that we would like to reset to. * git reset 269bec git reset --hard HEAD~1. This will discard all working tree changes and move HEAD to the commit before HEAD. If you'd like to delete the commits up until a specific commit, running <git log> into the command line to find the specific commit id and then running. git reset --hard <sha1-commit-id> How to undo last commit in Git? There will be different scenarios when you require undoing a commit in Git. Depending on the type, level of criticalness you may use different options/commands for reverting back the commit in Git. In this tutorial, you may find different ways of undoing the previous commit. Method 1: Using the reset command with hard and soft options. By definition, the reset.

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Et en utilisant git reset Si le commit est bon à mettre à la poubelle et que les modifications qu'il comporte sont totalement inutiles, il est possible d'utiliser la commande suivante : git reset --hard HEAD^ Cette commande aura pour effet de remonter l'historique sur le commit parent de HEAD en mettant à jour le répertoire de travail et l'index (en d'autres termes, supprimer le dernier. Squashing Git Commits The easy and flexible way. This method avoids merge conflicts if you have periodically pulled master into your branch. It also gives you the opportunity to squash into more than 1 commit, or to re-arrange your code into completely different commits (e.g. if you ended up working on three different features but the commits were not consecutive) Git reset is the command that allows you to discard or revise commit history within your repository. Whether you're undoing some changes or re-crafting your commits in a new way, git reset is the. An unpublished commit is an update committed in Git but that has not been uploaded to a server. To reset to a previous commit, before any changes were made: git reset --hard [hash] This command wipes the slate clean back to the previous commit. Any changes you made will be lost after using the reset --hard command

Removing a commit from a branch. Goals. To learn to delete the branch's latest commits ; Revert is a powerful command of the previous section that allows you to cancel any commits to the repository. However, both original and cancelled commits are seen in the history of the branch (when using git log command). Often after a commit is already made, we realize it was a mistake. It would be nice. git rebase --interactive HEAD~2 # we are going to squash c into b pick b76d157 b: pick a931ac7 c # squash c into b pick b76d157 b: s a931ac7 c # after that just edit the commit message # This is a combination of 2 commits. # The first commit's message is: b # This is the 2nd commit message:

Commit 後悔了,想要拆掉重做,怎麼辦?Git reset 指令是什麼意思?認識 git reset 三種模式指令,瞭解 git reset 指令並不是真的刪除或是重新設定 Commit > git reset --hard HEAD The --hard part of the command tells Git to reset the files to the state of the previous commit and discard any staged changes. The HEAD argument tells Git to reset the local repository to the most recent commit. If you want to reset the repo to a different commit, provide the ID instead of HEAD So, running git reset --hard HEAD~1 has undone our last commit and the changes contained in that commit are neither in our Working Directory or the Staging Area. But they are not completely lost. Git on the commandline You can git add changed files, but until you commit they won't belong to any particular branch. Note. When to branch. You didn't actually need to create your new amend-my-name branch until you decided to commit. But creating your new branches before you start making changes makes it less likely that you will forget later, and commit things to the wrong branch.

reset与revert的区别. git revert是用一次新的commit来回滚之前的commit,git reset是直接删除指定的commit。 在回滚这一操作上看,效果差不多。但是在日后继续merge以前的老版本时有区别。因为git revert是用一次逆向的commit中和之前的提交,因此日后合并老的branch时. The git reset command also includes options to update the other parts of your local environment with the contents of the commit where you end up.These options include: hard to reset the commit being pointed to in the repository, populate the working directory with the contents of the commit, and reset the staging area; soft to only reset the pointer in the repository; and mixed (the default. Ways to undo work. The one point I failed to emphasize. If you do reset a commit, you can then use all the techniques shown in the first half of the video for undoing your work

Observe we have added the text to the file and now lets check out git log.We have a new git commit with id bc5a. Example #2. Now for example consider I have made and pushed File2 but because of this my code has stopped working so in order to remove File2 I will first have to check the commit at which I have added the File2 and use git reset hard command along with the commit id Recovering Lost Commits with git reflog and reset. When I first setup this blog I took the opportunity to try out Git, and imported the source of the blogging software into a Git repository. The thinking was that if I needed to patch the blog software that I'd have a fairly trouble free upgrade path, merging the upstream changes straight into my branch

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  1. git rebase master password_reset git checkout master git merge password_reset --no-ff git branch -d password_reset git rebase master newsletter git checkout master git merge newsletter --no-ff git branch -d newsletter On obtient alors l'historique suivant, bien plus clair. De plus, les commits « J » et « K » afficheront un message « branch machin was merged into master », ce qui fait que.
  2. git reset --hard commit ID image1.png. 二,checkout 1.git checkout commit ID ,这个命令达到的效果和git reset -hard一样都是不可逆提交 . git checkout commit ID 可逆提交. 一,checkout. 1.git checkout 还原某个文件到某次commit. image2.png. checkout 后再次查看提交记录,上一次的提交并没有被还原掉. image3.png. git获取指定的历史版本.
  3. 使用git rebase合并多次commit 1. 背景 一个repo通常是由一个team中的多个人共同维护,如果需要增加新feature,那么就是一个feature分支了。由于开发中各种修改,本feature分支多次comm
  4. Git Reset in Eclipse August 19, 2016 Using Git and the Eclipse IDE, you have a series of commits in your branch history, but need to back up to an earlier version. The Git Reset feature is a powerful tool with just a whiff of danger, and is accessible with just a couple clicks in Eclipse. In Eclipse, switch to the History view. In my example it shows a series of 3 changes, 3 separate committed.
  5. During the making of this post, I found this tutorial — Undoing Commits and Changes — by Atlassian, which describes very well this issue. Summary If you want to test the previous commit just do git checkout <test commit hash>; then you can test that last working version of your project.. If you want to revert the last commit just do git revert <unwanted commit hash>; then you can push this.

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  1. Git Reset 三种模式. 有时候,我们用Git的时候有可能commit提交代码后,发现这一次commit的内容是有错误的,那么有两种处理方法: 1、修改错误内容,再次commit一次 2、使用git reset 命令撤销这一次错误的commit 第一种方法比较直接,但会多次一次commit记录
  2. git reset <commit> Permet de revenir en arrière jusqu'au <commit>, réinitialise la zone de staging tout en laissant votre dossier de travail en l'état. L'historique sera perdu (les commits suivant <commit> seront perdus, mais pas vos modifications). Cette commande vous permet surtout de nettoyer l'historique en resoumettant un commit unique à la place de commit trop éparses. git reset.
  3. Where G1-G3 are 'good' commits and B1-B3 are 'bad' commits and we want to revert them. Here is the shell script to create the revision history like above, you can use it to try and see the effect of different commands.. git reset. The first method is a simple way to throw away few recent commits, it re-writes the commit history, so only use it when your changes are not pushed to the.
  4. Perhaps you did a git reset and then realized you actually lost something important? Maybe you deleted an entire branch thinking all the work was done and merged, only to discover a commit missing in master. Luckily, you can usually go back through your git reflog and scan through it until you find the commit you're looking for
  5. How can I undo an older commit? There are a couple of ways to undo commits in Git. The reset command, for example, allows you to restore your project at any previous revision - effectively undoing all the commits that came afterwards. If this what you want to achieve, read more about reset. A different situation, however, is when you want to undo the effects of only a certain commit.
  6. How to Undo Recent Commits in Git. One of the greatest advantages of Git is that you can undo almost anything. Let's have a look at how we can undo recent commits in Git. How to Undo Commits with git reset Command. The git reset command is used to undo changes. git reset--soft HEAD~x. Put the corresponding number instead of ~x. For example, if you specify ~3, the command will affect the.

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  1. A rich git commit history. With the Git repository initialized, we need to create a bit of a local commit history in order to see the full power of the git reset hard command. To create that local commit history, simply create five HTML files using the touch command, and after each file is created, add the file to the Git index and issue a commit. The git bash commands for this are as follows
  2. When working with Git, it is quite common for developers to add all the files to your index in order to prepare them for commit.. However, in some cases, you may want to remove files from the index, in other words, you want to unstage files. Unstaging files is very beneficial: it can be used to separate files in different commits, or to do work on some other modifications
  3. git reset to a previous commit. Now if I was to perform a hard git reset and shift HEAD to the third local commit, commits 4 and 5 should disappear, right? The git reset should remove those commits from my commit history and take me right back to the reset point, right? Let's see what actually happens when we issue the command to git reset.
  4. 2ª opción: git reset --soft HEAD~1 --soft: con esta opción estamos indicando que retrocedemos a el commit HEAD~1 y no perdemos los cambios de los commits posteriores. Todos los cambios aparecerán como pendientes para realizar un commit. Solución si hemos subido el commit a nuestro repositorio remoto (hemos realizado push): En caso de que.
  5. 24 May 2014 / git Difference between git reset soft, mixed and hard. The reset command. Confusing. Misunderstood. Misused. But it doesn't need to be that way! It's really not too confusing once you figure out what's going on. Definitions. First, let's define a few terms. HEAD. This is an alias for the tip of the current branch, which is the most recent commit you have made to that.
  6. git reset -mixed 默认方式,不带任何参数的git reset,只保留源码,回退commit和index 信息。 实际在操作时,会提示: changes not staged for commit: use git add to update what will be committed use git checkout - xxxxxxxxxxx. git reset -soft 回退到某个版本,只回退了commit,不会恢复index file一级,如果需要提交直接.
  7. ato> In caso non dovessimo avere più accesso all'identificatore del commit, un'altra strada che possiamo tentare è quella di lanciare il comando git reflog che mostra un elenco delle ultime modifiche subite da HEAD e da altri riferimenti all'interno del repository. $ git reflog git reflog 8140745 (HEAD -> master) HEAD@{0}: reset: moving to HEAD~ c016b5f HEAD.

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Instead of editing the commit, you reset it out, undoing step 2, but keeping the changes on disk. So you can execute git reset HEAD~1. This will remove the commit and place all the changes in your working copy. From there you can selectively add the files into individual commits, i.e. git add <file1> then git commit -m <message 1> git reset --soft. 只告诉Git将其他的commit重置到HEAD,并不影响工作区文件. 同样不会保留常规log. git revert. 这其实算是一个进度往前走的逆向提交,也就是说HEAD版本及提交记录将会继续前进,只是新的commit的内容和要revert的内容正好相反,能够抵消要被revert的内容 git resetを使う。 git reset --hard [COMMIT_HASH] で指定したコミットの状態に戻すことができる。 戻したいcommitのhashを確認する $ git.

Git source code versioning tool provides a lot of features. One of the most important and useful features is log or history. We can use git log command in order to list, filter, view commit history in different ways. In this tutorial we will examine git log command usage in detail with examples.. List Commit Histor How to With Git: Rollback Commit. how-to. By: Jacob Nicholson Updated: January 16, 2018 . Our experts take readers step-by-step through a variety of hosting and programming tasks in our popular series of How-To guides. Email. If you've been making changes to your Git repo and made a mistake, it's always nice to know you have a way to rollback your commits to get your workflow back on.

Warning: Git reset command allows you to undo commits also. But in the reset case (especially hard reset), it would have deleted the 879fbf8 commit like it never happened and there would have been no 6e80f0e commit. With a revert command, everyone can see the changes that have taken place. In the reset case, no trace is left. So it's a bad. git reset <commit> re-sets the current pointer to the given commit. If you are on a branch (you should usually be), HEAD and this branch are moved to commit. If you are in detached HEAD state, git reset does only move HEAD. To reset a branch, first check it out. Example: You are currently working upon commit 123abc. After resetting to a previous commit xyz789 (e.g. with git reset HEAD~2. git reset --hard commit ID. 1; 二,checkout 1.git checkout commit ID ,这个命令达到的效果和git reset -hard一样都是不可逆提交. git checkout commit ID. 可逆提交. 一,checkout. 1.git checkout 还原某个文件到某次commit. checkout 后再次查看提交记录,上一次的提交并没有被还原掉. 未完待续. 展开阅读全文 点赞; 评论; 分享. x. git revert是用一次新的commit来回滚之前的commit,git reset是直接删除指定的commit。 这个很好理解,在刚才的操作中我们看日志已经可以看到这个现象。 git reset操作之后,我们查看上面例子的network已经可以看到network中只有commit 1,分支a和合并分支后的commit 3都消失了

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Git HowTo: revert a commit already pushed to a remote repository May 2010 on Git. So you've just pushed your local branch to a remote branch, but then realized that one of the commits should not be there, or that there was some unacceptable typo in it. No problem, you can fix it I know that Git tracks changes I make to my application, and it holds on to them until I commit the changes, but here's where I'm hung up: When I want to revert to a previous commit I use: git reset --hard HEAD. And Git returns: HEAD is now at 820f417 micro. How do I then revert the files on my hard drive back to that previous commit? My next steps were: git add . git commit -m revert But.

Undo the actual commit. If you do a git status or a git diff, you will see that git places you right after the commit. What we want is to undo the commit and place the changes in our working area. This is what git reset HEAD^ does: reset the state to the second last commit and leave the changes of the last commit in the working area Git How to Squash Git Commits. 2 years ago. by Zak H. How to Squash Commits in Git to Keep Your History Clean . When you are working with Git, it's a good idea to commit often, so you can always go back to the state of the code if you mess up. However, committing all those mini-changes to the main branch is not always a good idea. It makes the history messy and hard to follow. Git provides a. Gitコマンドの一つ、git reset はインデックスの状態をリセットしたり、現在のブランチのHEADを指定した状態にリセットするコマンドです。間違った内容を add してステージングエリアに上げてしまった場合や、commit してしまった場合に取り消すことができます

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$ git add sample.txt $ git commit --amend. 提交時,預設的編輯器會出現,裡面會包含上一次提交的訊息內容。為了這次的教學,讓我們將訊息修改成「添加add和commit的說明」後儲存變更並離開編輯器。 現在提交的內容已經修改。您可以使用 log 命令確認歷史記錄和提交訊息。 $ git log commit. Resetting commits. Git keeps track of your current commit in a file called the HEAD. When resetting a commit, you update the HEAD of your repo to point to the selected commit. GitKraken offers the following reset options: Soft - resets the HEAD to the selected commit, but keeps your changes staged and in your WIP director

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git reset・git revert・git rebase といった、過去のコミットを操作するコマンドを実際に叩いて勉強した結果を残す。 git init お試しブランチを作る # 適当な作業用ディレクトリを作る $ mkdir Test $ cd Test # Git でのバージョン管理を始める $ git init # master ブランチを作成する $ git checkout -b master これで. Git Reset Mixed. A mixed option is a default option of the git reset command. If we would not pass any argument, then the git reset command considered as --mixed as default option. A mixed option updates the ref pointers. The staging area also reset to the state of a specified commit. The undone changes transferred to the working directory. Let. 1. git rm --cached file will remove the file from the stage. That is, when you commit the file will be removed. git reset HEAD -- file will simply reset file in the staging area to the state where it was on the HEAD commit, i.e. will undo any changes you did to it since last commiting. If that change happens to be newly adding the file, then they will be equivalent The X represents our local, uncommitted change to our Git HEAD, indicated by C.. To undo the commit named C due to a mistake, we can run a git reset command. Depending on file tracking needs, you'll want to use the git reset command with different flags.. Case 1: Use git reset and Remove Files From the Staging Area. We can use the git reflog command to see our Git history 在讲git的reset和checkout的区别之前,不得不说说HEAD、Index、Working Directory三个区域。 HEAD、Index、Working Directory Git里有三个区域很重要 HEAD 指向最近一次commit里的所有snapshot Index 缓存区域,只有Index区域里的东西才可以被commit Working Directory 用户操作区域 下图解释了这三个区域的状态的变化过..

Git の reset コマンドはコミットレベルで使われる場合とファイルレベルで使われる場合がありますが, 今回はコミットレベルで使われることを想定された --soft, --mixed, --hard の 3 つのオプションの違いを紹介したいと思います.. Git の reset コマンドをコミットレベルで使うということは, 特定の古い. Git可以使用reset重置来撤销提交。方法一撤销最后一次提交git reset HEAD~1 执行后,状态重置为上一次提交,且撤回提交的文件的状态变回unstaged,即文件没有被git跟踪。示例$ git commit -m 'add test.html' [master ade6d7e] add&nb Git reset; Pour réinitialiser l'index et le répertoire de travail à l'état du dernier commit, la commande git reset est utilisée : git reset --hard HEAD; Git rm; Git rm peut être utilisé pour supprimer des fichiers de l'index et du répertoire de travail. Usage: git rm nomfichier.txt; Git stash; L'une des moins connues, git stash aide à enregistrer les changements qui ne. When git presents the commit that you want to split: Reset state to the previous commit using git reset HEAD^ Use git add to carefully and incrementally add changes to the index; Run git commit when you have a set of atomic changes that you are ready to commit; Repeat the git add and git commit process until you have processed each set of.

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Then undo the commits with git reset HEAD~Nwhere N is the number of commits you want to undo. For example, to undo one commit: git reset HEAD~1. Then create a new branch and check it out in one go and add and commit your changes again. git checkout -b newbranch. git add -A. git commit -m Committed on new branc Pour annuler des commits, il existe la commande git reset. git reset --hard HEAD~1 HEAD is now at 444b1cf Rhoo Celle-ci est pertinente tant que les commits n'ont pas été poussés. Git vous retiendra au push d'ailleurs : git push To /tmp/repo ! [rejected] master -> master (non-fast-forward) error: failed to push some refs to '/tmp/repo' En effet, à partir du moment où un commit existe sur. Deleting a git commit. How to. When working with Git you will find that sometimes commits need to be When working with Git you will find that sometimes commits need to be removed as they have introduced a bug or need to be reworked. If it is the last commit this is very straight forward. Simply run: git reset HEAD^ This will pop off the latest commit but leave all of your changes to the. Have you specified which commit to reset to? For example, if you want to roolback one commit, you should refer to HEAD^. Or you can specify the target commit hash. I encourage you to read the link to the article I gave in the previous message, if you're not very familiar with git reset syntax Numerous undo possibilities in Git Article written by Crt Mori • on 2017-05-15 • Type: This means that until Git automatically cleans detached commits (which cannot be accessed by branch or tag) it will be possible to view them with git reflog command and access them with direct commit ID. Read more about redoing the undo in the section below. For more information about working with.

Undo with: git reset <last good SHA> or git reset --hard <last good SHA> What's happening: git reset rewinds your repository's history all the way back to the specified SHA. It's as if those commits never happened. By default, git reset preserves the working directory git revert c761f5c # reverts the commit with the specified id git revert HEAD^ # reverts the second to last commit git revert develop~4..develop~2 # reverts a whole range of commits In case you don't want to create additional revert commits but only apply the necessary changes to your working tree, you can use the --no-commit / -n option git reset 這行指令相當於 git reset -mixed HEAD ,或者是可以用 git read-tree 來取代 git reset,當然 git reset 不只是有這功能而已,假如您已經建立了 commit 訊息,也可以將此訊息拿掉,重新在 commit,或者是您修改過的檔案在暫存區,git 也可以幫您恢復到未暫存,或者是.

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Git - Revert Changes to File. Revert (reset) changes to a file if they haven't been committed yet: $ git checkout -- <file> Git - Revert File to Previous Commit. Revert (reset) a single file to a specific revision: $ git checkout <commit_hash> -- <file> Comments (4) git. 4 Replies to Git - Revert File to Previous Commit Marta says: Reply. Tuesday April 30th, 2019 at 10:55 AM. git reset [commitid] 回退到指定的commit版本,指定commit版本之后的commit都将被重置 . git revert [commitid] 撤销指定commit版本的操作,这个操作也会生成一个新commit,指定commit版本之前及之后的操作均不受影响. 实际操作 创建测试文件. 现在项目中有两个文件x.txt和y.txt,编辑这两个文件,每修改一个文件后都.

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That doesn't mean you don't commit anything until you finish your whole week's work and then do one commit, but it means you break up your work into small enough pieces that you can commit and share with others, during one working day. Ideally you should be able to break you work apart into 3 or 4 pieces (If you commit more than 2.5 times a day, it would be more than industry average. Although Git might know about those files, it cannot do anything with them until you commit them. The basic workflow goes something like this: You add or edit files in your local repository Git - Fix Mistakes. Advertisements. Previous Page . Next Page . To err is human. So every VCS provides a feature to fix mistakes until a certain point. Git provides a feature that we can use to undo the modifications that have been made to the local repository. Suppose the user accidentally does some changes to his local repository and then wants to undo these changes. In such cases, the. 剛剛看起來拆掉的 Commit 就又接回來了。在這裡使用 --hard 參數可以強迫放棄 Reset 之後修改的檔案。 使用 Reflog. 如果一開始沒有記下來 Commit 的 SHA-1 值也沒關係,Git 裡有個 reflog 指令有保留一些紀錄。再次借用上個章節的例子,但這次我改用 --hard 模式來進行 reset Even git reset --hard might not help. First we need fetch origin, which is slightly different from pull, as it will not try to merge. To reset repository to our remote master we need to reset it hard specifying reset point to origin/master. After this operation all uncommited changes will be lost. Reset to origin/maste


개발바보들 1화 git back to the future에서 설명한 Reset / Revert에 대한 글입니다. Git을 익히면서 헷갈렸던 것들 중의 하나가 이력을 되돌리기 입니다. Git에서 이력을 되돌리는 방법은 여러가지가 있지만, 그 중에 대표적인게 Reset과 Revert 입니다. 단어 의미만 보고는 둘 사이의 차이를 알기 쉽지 않 Git Explained: For Beginners. Apr 30, 2013 16 min read. I'm working with Git now for about two years but only for my personal projects and those I have on GitHub. At work we still use TFS and SVN (as of now). Recently Paolo Perrotta came to our company to hold a course about Agile planning and since Git was quite new to most of my mates, he also quickly explained Git in the context of. // reverts the top three commits git revert 96ca7600^..6293daae // reverts the middle two commits git revert 96ca7600^..fec62970 Each commit that's reverted gets its own new commit. After each reversion, you need to enter git revert --continue until all reversions are complete Save work with commits. 11/12/2018; 5 minutes to read; In this article Azure Repos | Azure DevOps Server 2019 | TFS 2018 | TFS 2017 | TFS 2015 | VS 2017 | VS 2015 Update 2 . Git does not automatically snapshot your code as you make edits to files in your repo. You must tell Git exactly which changes you want to add to the next snapshot by staging those changes. After staging your changes.

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如何把最后一次 commit 撤销回Changes not staged和 Untracked files区别呢?. 有3种情况: (1)把最后的 commit 切回 Changes to be committed 状态,使用命令:. git reset --soft HEAD^ (2)把最后的 commit 切回 Changes not staged for commit 状态,使用命令:. git reset HEAD^ (3)把 Changes to be committed 状态切回 Changes not staged for commit. $ git reset --hard <hash-or-ref> Using the --hard option, everything is reverted back to the specified commit. This includes the commit history reference pointers, the staging index, and your working directory. This means that by using just this command you'll not only revert to a previous commit, but you'll lose all working changes in the process Commits are one of the key parts of a Git repository, and more so, the commit message is a life log for the repository. As the project/repository evolves over time (new features getting added, bugs being fixed, architecture being refactored), commit messages are the place where one can see what was changed and how. So it's important that these messages reflect the underlying change in a short.

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